About Us

From a very young age, entrepreneurship was always something that was part of my life.  It started with lemonade stands and garage sales to earn spending money for vacation.  Then in 8th grade, I started designing/making & selling hair accessories & Homecoming corsages to my classmates and started a balloon bouquet business in high school. 
In January of 1990, I returned from doing an internship at Walt Disney World, and went to Dallas with my parents & my fathers office.  It just so happened to be that I had an aunt and uncle with retail stores and so my mother and I attended market with them, while my father was attending classes.  We were overwhelmed by all the beautiful things we saw but were not able to purchase anything because we did not have a store.  That evening when telling my father about our experience, we decided to open a store.  We went back to market the following day and began placing orders for our store which we did not even have a name for at the time. 
One of the first things we ordered we phone bags.  It was literally a handbag that looked like a phone, with the receiver being part of the handle, the buttons on the front and a cord to plug into the wall that came out of the top interior.
Another memorable pieces we ordered on that trip were outfits with epaulets or decorative shoulder pieces and belts with fabric, beads and unique sewing  designs on them.